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Option 2 | 1:1 Wardrobe Audits & Edits | In person, Perth WA

Closet's busting at the seams, but still nothing to wear?!


We love a challenge!

Once you have completed a style consultation, you may be ready to take the next step and tackle your wardrobe and get you set up for success based on your personality and lifestyle! It will also assist in prepparing you in preparation for new items or just a simpler way of living! 

There are emotional attachments to garments, even though some have been hanging in the closet, untouched for years. They hang there with large, invisible "guilty" tags attached, reminding you of the cost and how little they’ve been worn. Sometimes we can also be sentimental and hate letting go of anything memorable.

Regardless of the reason, we often have fear about throwing anything out from our wardrobes (myself included!) for fear of regret.

Never fear!

As a trained Image Consultant, Emma can help you sort through your wardrobe, taking into account various vital aspects that we will gather from a prestart questionnaire, as well as in-person together.

Emma's professional services are utilised to discuss, sort, try on, assess, arrange & more.


How long will we need?

This depends on many clothes or closets we have to go through. An average female wardrobe will usually take around two hours to sort through.

If you have many closets, we will start with the one you currently wear clothes from, or can easily book in a longer session.

Add on’s in 30 min blocks are available, depending on how much sorting /  how many wardrobes we are doing, etc


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Can I do a Wardrobe Audit/Edit if I havent done a Style Consultation?

It's highly reccomended to start with a Style Consultation prior to the Closet Curation so we can get a clearer picture of you and your needs to make the most appropriate changes... however yes, it is possible.

We'll start with a pre-visit questionnaire and some quizzes so Emma's able to gain some insght - you'll also find out some things you didnt know about too!


Bookings include

Some ongoing support after your appointment

Travel to & from your house | Up to 10km from our boutique studio in Balcatta. Further? Let us know and we can supply a quote.



Investment | 2 hours all inclusive flat fee of $240 

Investment | Without undertaking a Style Consultation prior | 2.5 hours all inclusive flat fee of $325

Investment | Add ons in 30 min blocks $60